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The pipe production line includes of extruder, vacuum tank, cooling tank, haul-off, cutter, and winder. The equipment is the most important factor in the quality of the finished product and this equipment must be used with the highest possible quality and ultimately in perfect harmony.

PE pipe production line comes with all the necessary machinery you need to start manufacturing high quality PE pipe. The most important part of any production line is an Extruder, which heats, mixes, and extrudes pipe. Then, a Vacuum and Cooling Tank, cool and dry extruded pipe to help maintain pipe uniformity. Haul-off pulls pipe from the extruder through the vacuum and cooling tank. Marking of the polyethylene pipe must be done with great care using Laser Printer. PE pipe cuts to desired lengths with the pipe Cutter Machine. Finally the pipe Coiler Machine, allows you to coil pipe for your needs.

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